Children's Safety Tips

  1. Keep away from outdoor areas marked with signs that say "Danger" or "Danger High Voltage."
  2. Don't play near electrical stations, equipment, wires, hydro towers or utility poles.
  3. Look up for hydro wires running through or beside trees before you climb. Don't climb or play in trees where there are overhead wires nearby.
  4. Stay clear of overhead power lines and wires. Don't touch an overhead wire with a pole, stick or other object. Electricity could travel down than object and cause a shock that could kill you.
  5. Respect utility electrical equipment. Don't throw anything at wires or electrical equipment, and don't fasten things to utility poles. Damaged equipment can be very dangerous.
  6. Fly kites, balloons and model airplanes in wide-open spaces, away from power lines. A string or line that contacts electrical equipment or a power line can cause a shock that could kill you.
  7. When you're changing a light bulb, be sure to turn off the switch or circuit. Don't work on light fixtures or appliances without unplugging them or switching off the power. Never put your finger in a light bulb socket.
  8. Put safety caps on any unused electrical outlets, especially if there are young children in the house. Don't poke anything into an electrical outlet.
  9. If there's an electrical fire, call the fire department. Use a dry chemical fire extinguisher or baking soda to douse an electrical fire. If it's safe to do so, unplug the appliance first. Don't use water to put out an electrical fire.
  10. Don't touch someone that is being shocked until the electricity has been turned off.