Unexpected Outages / Floods

Algoma Power Inc.’s Restoration Process

A strong storm or heavy snows and ice can cause widespread power outages in our service territory. Our company’s electrical system has a variety of devices to detect outages when they occur. Our restoration teams always work hard to make your outage as brief as possible.

Safety comes first

Stay away from all downed wires. Even if you think they may be phone or cable television wires, stay away from downed lines. Don’t step in nearby puddles or attempt to move any object that comes in contact with a wire. Report downed wires immediately to Algoma Power and your local public safety authorities.

We also safeguard our employees. We do not ask them to make repairs when weather conditions are hazardous or when the damaged area is dangerous due to flooding or inaccessibility. In such extreme situations, we ask for your patience and understanding. Our employees will begin restoring power as soon as safely possible.

Our dedicated, highly trained restoration teams work hard to restore your power. When a major storm strikes, we bring in crews from other areas to ensure you get your power turned on as quickly as possible.