Our Services

Algoma Power Inc. delivers electricity to your home, cottage or business, safely and reliably, over our power lines. We also provide many other delivery-related services.

In this section, you'll find details about the services we provide.

1. We don't generate power - we deliver it to you, safely and reliably.

2. Deliver to you - We own and maintain the distribution system of power lines that deliver electricity as lower voltage to your home or business. The distribution system is connected to the Provincial transmission system.

3. Connect you - We connect your home or business to electrical power and maintain that connection, safely and reliably.

4. Restore your power - We restore your power in case of outages or emergencies.

5. Read your meter - We read your meter and calculate your charges for billing purposes.

6. Provide account administration - We maintain a current and historical record of your account, including your consumption and any electricity retailer choices you make.

7. Provide you with the option of Standard Supply Service - Standard Supply Service is your alternative to signing up with a retailer. To receive it, simply do nothing, and you will automatically be charged under Standard Supply

      a. We do not compete with retailers. We buy electricity on your behalf at either the variable market rate or the legislated rate, average it over your billing period and pass it on to you with no mark up or profit. Please be aware that the commodity price can fluctuate between billing periods.

      b. The price for electricity is dependent on market conditions relating to the supply and demand for electricity, over which we have no control.

      c. The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), who monitors the supply and demand for electricity in Ontario, is responsible for linking buyers and sellers of electricity in the competitive market. We receive the spot market price from the IESO, average it over your billing period, and then pass that per-kilowatt-hour price along to you with no mark-up or profit.

      d. The rates you pay for delivery and other industry charges stay constant. However, since the amount of electricity you use in each billing period may vary, that total will fluctuate. Your service charge is a fixed fee: it won't change from one billing period to the next.

8. Algoma Power Inc.  - services are regulated by the Ontario Energy Board, both in the rates that are charged and in the level of service we provide.