Tree Trimming (Seasonal)

Have you noticed a tree that's interfering with power lines? It's our job to maintain and repair all the power lines that make up our distribution system. Maintenance includes tree and vegetation trimming/removal and emergency repairs along our power lines.

If you notice a tree that's interfering with the lines, please call our emergency line at 1.844.901.9473.

Contact us if the tree poses a potential threat to human safety or meets any of these hazardous conditions:

  1. The tree or branches are smoking, sparking or burning on a hydro line
  2. The tree is an immediate hazard to the line (split, leaning, hanging over, uprooted)
  3. The tree is leaning on a hydro pole

Do not attempt to prune or chop down a tree near lines yourself; a tree falling onto a power line could cause serious injury or death.

We are not responsible for the maintenance of trees or vegetation on privately owned lines; that is the responsibility of the owner. We recommend that you hire a qualified contractor to do the work and contact us to temporarily disconnect your electrical service during maintenance.